Government of Karnataka with a vision to provide integrated services to the citizens deploying the tools of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) launched "Bangalore One" in April 2005. Bangalore One is one of the flag ship project of Government of Karnataka and has been one of the best projects in India, in delivering citizen services. Delivery of services with an enhanced speed, convenience, reliability and transparency has won many accolades from public. To scale up the operations to cover eventually all the G2C services throughout the five municipal corporations.

Hubli-DharwadOne Portal Help
This page provides information regarding the process flow of HD1 Services at HD1 Centers.

You can avail this service to pay HESCOM Bill
Operating Instructions:
  • Select Subdivision from dropdown list. This field is mandatory to fill. (The user has to know this information in order to do a successful Bill payment)
  • Enter the Connection ID in the Connection ID field. The Connection ID should be entered cautiously. If Data is not is not retrieved then verify Connection ID and selected Sub-division. This field is mandatory to fill. (The user has to know this information in order to do a successful Bill payment)
  • On successful search functionality, Consumer Name, RR Number and LF Number will be retrieved from the local database.
  • Enter Bill Number, Current Demand and Amount Being paid fields. No partial payment is allowed. Current Demand and Amount Being Paid should be equal.
  • Select Pay mode and select Card Type i.e. Master or Visa Card
  • Click Submit Button. Application will navigate to the Payment Gateway.
  • Select Card Type in the Axis Bank Payment Gateway
  • Enter the Card Number from the Card. That should be four digits in the each column.
  • Enter the Expiry Date from the Card. In first column month, then in the next column year.
  • Enter the Security code i.e. the 3 digits after the card number on the signature panel of your card.
  • Click "Pay" button, you will be getting a Receipt for the transaction committed.After committing the transaction, do not refresh or cancel at this juncture. On successful submission, application navigates to Receipt Page.
  • On the Receipt page Click on “Print” button to take the print out of the above receipt.